1HeartOneWay with Deb and Drea

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We are two girls who decided to go for it, sister duo out of the southwest, We started out singing together as a family of 7 children when we were young. Both went into corporate America… and working our way through life, different jobs, relationships and experiences. We came to a point in our lives where we decided we wanted MORE from life.
We wanted to use our God given talents and we knew working a 9-5  job was NOT the calling God had on our lives.  We decided to take a risk. Do something we have never done before. We’ll share about that project in a bit.
During this  journey, we struggled and with our self-identity. We saw our peers struggle with the same and end up in bad relationships, insecurities and/or addictions. We also had our own share of  insecurities, migraines,depression, anxiety and panic attacks but through God’s grace and mercy we have overcome! So we finally asked ourselves, how could we help ourselves, then build the confidence to rise above the culture imposed standards of women, do the impossible, fulfill the bigger calling on our lives, and teach others to do the same. 
So we started with an idea… 1HeartOneWay. Taken from Jeremiah 32:39, “And I will give them one heart and one way, that they may fear me forever for the wealth of them, and of their children after them.” 
What if we could build a tribe of girls (guys can sneak in too) teach them their intrinsic value, self love, self confidence and help them empower themselves to be thinkers dreamers and doers of the impossible with God as their guiding force?
Well, we have done this very thing! We have an active  growing 1Heart Empowerment Facebook Tribe, successfully launched our Social Media Marketing Agency and relaunched an Essential Services based business as well. (We help people get rid of their mobile phone bills.) Contact us for details!
 For us, the sky is the limit and we look forward to meeting new friends in our tribe and serving our tribe with all the good things we have to offer. 
WE have been on a journey It has been an awesome journey! We want to share our journey with the rest of the world to show that anything is possible. You can dream again like when you were a kid and work to see it happen (we can help with that as well)!
Wishing you all the success, love and a  prosperous journey,
 Deb and Drea